Sunday, 1 July 2012

Is Romance Better In Books?

To me, books are such amazing things. In each book, pure imagination is captured && to me that is such a powerful thing x 

Being an avid reader, I love books. I adore them.
When I was younger they were my escape, on the playground, a new kid, in a new school where your peers seemed very different to yourself, my lunchtimes mainly consisted of finding my bench and sitting down and reading.

When I was younger and now, I normally finish a book in a day.

 Today I read the hunger games, started this morning and finished this evening.

If I love a book, I will sit there, hours on end and read a book cover to cover, & realise I have spent the whole day lost in another place altogether.

In books I was comforted. In books I was taken to magical places, I understood what bravery was, what magic was and in a sense what love was.

Although not all novels depict love in a positive light, in fact many stories I read were full of heart break, but I have ALWAYS been a sucker for love stories.

The question in my mind is, is romance in books better?

You could argue it is, men always showing their love, poems, lavish gifts, climbing mountains/fighting/fighting off death to be with/save/find the one they love.

My opinion?

I love reading about love in stories. However, realistically the idea of love is over heightened, over exaggerated in these stories. Yes I would love to be showered in outbursts of love everyday, but you know what?

Wouldn't that just make it less special? When someone says you are my everything, surely being told that at the right moment means more, stays in your heart, rather than being told every single day?

 When it comes down to it, when you find your own fairy tale, when you create those moments in your life when you think "you know what? This would make an amazing chapter in a book" to me that is Love.

Yes I haven't climbed a mountain, no I haven't jumped in front of a train.

 Instead, I've done one thing better...

I've brought my notions of love, learnt from these books to my actual life.
Instead of reading above love, I experience it everyday.

Instead of reading about characters feeling butterflies, or feeling an electricity, I get to experience that myself.

Okay,  don't get me wrong, I adore romance in books, I'll open up a book and get lost into another world. It's just amazing to know that when I close that book, I have my very own adventure to embark on.


Bit of a soppy post I know? Feeling broody, I think its effecting my brain ...

Does anybody else adore reading, getting lost in another world?
Or do you think romance in books will always be better than real life?



  1. I think I agree with you... I love reading books though

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! i love that you're using yours to write your thoughts...i always find myself thinking too much at night and wishing for a creative outlet. i'm following you now and hope, if you like, you can follow me back :) cheers! xoxo jess

    1. same here, i have so manythoughts buzzing round my head!
      this blog is theraputic xx

  3. I totally agree with you about romance novels! I think its important to create your own fairy tale. Great blog. I'm your newest follower:)


  4. I do enjoy reading but haven't done it in a long time. The last few books I've really enjoyed really (and keep looking out for) are on the subjects of animal agriculture and food. It's been a while since I've read fiction, but I used to spend a LOT of time reading fantasy, science fiction, and so on and remember how good it felt to be excited over the plots or to like the characters so much.

    What books would you recommend?

    1. same, tbh I've only just got back into it, been so busy with uni! I adore fantasy books. hmm I loved the hunger games, but any fantasy with a love twist in it i just adore xxxx

  5. Great post! You have such a talent for writing, and I love how you use your blog as a way to write down your thoughts! I love escaping into books, it's my way of relaxing and taking time for me :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! XX

  6. I agree, I love the escapism I can get through books. But I do think some things such as unrealistic ideas about love (for example) should stay within the pages of the book; they do not translate into the real world.
    Great post.
    Daniella x

  7. Romance in books always get me depressed so I kinda gear towards reading depressing books like dystopias and stuff so I feel better in comparison haha. weird isnt it?
    thanks for visiting my blog btw
    Kiss Kiss

  8. I usually don't like Romance books i prefer adventure ones!

    Can you check out my blog? i follow everyone back

  9. I love finding a good romance with a unique story! Their fun, quick reads, but I'm not sure how true to life they are.

  10. Woahhh, do you mean the Hunger Games trilogy or just the first book in one day? If it was the trilogy, bloody well done! I finished the trilogy in 4 days! Was so addictive! xx

  11. I completely agree with you! I'm a huge book worm :) hahaha x


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