Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Natural High...

So, I decided to undertake in a little experiment over the past couple of days.

Now if you don't already know, I am quite a lazy person...

I mean if i do have things to do, i will get up (just about).
But if i have no reason to get out of bed...then quite simply I won't?
It's bad right.

I am the type of girl who would rather have an extra 10mins in bed, then spend that 10mins on getting ready and looking nice.

The thing is, I love my sleep, it's just recently I've been thinking, is that extra 10mins in bed worth it?

We all know that...
If you look good, you FEEL good.

So lately, tired of feeling down i decided to do just that.

When i say "look" good, all i mean is taking that extra 10 mins in the morning, putting make up
on, putting in my contacts and taking time over what i wear.

Not going to lie, it was amazing the change in myself and how people treated me?
When you feel good, you act confident, people want to be around you and you feel pretty good about yourself!

After having a few weeks of feeling down, it was great yo get dressed up,
just for me and it was amazing how great my day went <3

Also did a bit of sneaky shopping for my halloween outfit (which i will update you all on ;))
as well as dying my hair! x

hope you are all well x
Also, try getting dressed up, just for you, get in a bit of sneaky shopping!
Being a girl is hard, so be nice to yourself <3


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Diva Girl?...Where Did You Go?

That is a good question?
Where did I go?

The funny thing about a blog is that once you get out of the habit of writing, you just don't do it?

I have missed it and I have decided I need to come back!

But so much has happened to me recently okay so quick update!


Now at University, doing my 2nd year and already I am behind on my reading -_-
Have a part-time job at a supermarket which yes, I hate & yes i will be telling you soon what does goes on at a supermarket.
Alot of thinking, about life in general. Getting old, not sure what I want out of life.


I am a back (:


How have you all been?

This is a honest question, what have you been up to? Uni? Work? Family?
Let me know (:

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