What Is Your Page About?

Anything && Everything!

I wanted to create a page where I could express my opinions on everyday life.
Sometimes the situations I find myself in just make me laugh.
Having a unique view on the world keeps me smiling and I hope it does for you as well!

Why did I choose "Diva Girl Strikes Again"?

Cliché as it sounds, we all have an inner diva inside of us. Some just choose to show her more than others!
I think having a bit of a "diva attitude" is great. It just means you know you deserve and want the best, && there's nothing wrong with that!!

Tell Us About You

Born: 12/01/1993

I'm currently at university, studying "Human Resource Management"
I love going to the cinema and eating out which isn't so great on my student budget!
I am the ultimate big sister with 3 little sisters to keep an eye on!

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Being a diva is expecting to be treated in a certain way. My blog is not a "beauty or fashion blog" as i suck at both! but a place where i can write about my thoughts and views on life && i hope you come along for the ride! xoxo



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