Thursday, 28 June 2012

Being Brown & Hating The Sun...?

I don't know what it is, but when summer comes around I just can't stand it.

When everyone else is lying in the sun, I'm hiding under a tree.
When everyone goes out I slap on factor 50 sun cream even though I don't burn.

It's just makes me laugh, 
surely being brown I should be this sun-kissed sun loving goddess??

But in reality I just hate being too hot.

I have a mixed background from hot, sunny places, yet I still think I'm not made to live in the sun!

My idea holiday would be skiing <3 
I love the snow, Christmas, cuddling on sofas and drinking hot chocolate!

Lying on the beach is okay... but I'd still just be hiding under an umbrella.

Have a feeling I'm just miserable?
Surely everyone is meant to love the sun....?


  1. ah I love the summer but I can see why some people hate it. putting on factor 50 is definitely better for your skin! ;) x

  2. I'm with you on this. I love winter and everything to do with it and really dislike summer - the heat, the sunburn, the not having an appetite because it's too hot!

  3. I agree, I love winter and the beautiful snow. I also love the sound of rain in bed etc. as much as I love the sun, it can just get too hot. Guess I'm lucky living in England where it rains 24/7 haha
    nice blog



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