Wednesday, 13 June 2012

University...the best days of your life?

After finishing my first year at university, I've thought a lot about what people told me about university before I went. The common things I got told was:

"It's the best days of your life"
"Total Freedom"
"You can drink yourself into a coma!"

However no one ever told me that...

"Cooking everyday gets boring, you will order take out and you WILL get fat"

"If you go out, only take out as much money as you can WILL spend everything in your purse on drinks"

"Don't rush out and buy all the books on your suggested reading list, truth is you'll only look at half the books and would have wasted about £300"

An Uncomfortable Limbo

My own experience of university is that i was honestly so scared. I was like I HAVE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE and I'm leaving my boyfriend behind etc etc

It all worked itself out in the end, university does have its up's and it's down's.

However, when I'm at university:
 I miss the comfort of being home, knowing you don't have to worry about bills and knowing you get dinner made for you.

When I'm at home:
My family drive me crazy, now I can no longer sleep until 3pm, now I can't leave a pile of washing on the floor and I can't go out any time I want.

I am very much in a limbo situation.

What happens after university?

Is finishing a degree your rite of passage into adult hood?
Are you now expected to find a job, pay your bills and be an adult?

Am I honestly the only person who finds the prospect of working for someone else for the rest of my life such a depressing prospect?

Does a degree = success?

Honestly I don't think it does. In fact I think it holds you back. I went to university because I want to get a job and lead a "comfortable life"

Going to university creates the mindset that after you get a degree, you WORK for somebody else.

Not going to university creates the mindset that "if no one will hire me, I will make my own money"

The richest people of our generation didn't attend university, in fact they created multi-million pound companies and now HIRE University graduates.

Why do you go to University then?

I want security. Simple as. I want it all, I want to have my own business and not work for somebody else, but I want to have something to fall back on.

I also want to be taken seriously. Having a degree makes people listen to you, suddenly what you have to say is suddenly more important because you survived x amount of years at a university.

Another reason is, I do enjoy learning. I like to be surrounded my new people and when you do that, opportunities arise which you can take advantage of.

So what's your point?

Just because you didn't go to university, doesn't mean you are not successful, there is enough proof out there to suggest not going to university has the complete  opposite effect on you.

If you do go to university, don't settle. When you graduate keep your dreams in mind.

You don't want to be working for the same company for 15years, achieving all of their targets but never achieving any of your dreams. 


  1. Very interesting and informative post, thank you. I'm just finishing my gcse s and people are already telling me what I get in these determine what university I go to and pretty much the rest of my life. It feels like a large pressure especially with the huge fees ! x

    1. thank you x

      and tell me about it!
      work hard on your gcse's and always keep your dreams in mind



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