Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nandos, not the best first date spot...?

Before I start, I have not been endorsed by Nandos to do a blog about the restaurant.
(EVEN THOUGH I would love if they did endorse me... I love that place :( )

Nandos = Chicken Restaurant

My Nandos Dream = To have a Nandos Black Card

Nandos Black Card  = Unlimited Free Nandos Chicken

I think we get the picture that i love Nandos? <3


A lot of couples go to restaurants for their first date...


To start off with, it is hard to look sexy, come across charming and interesting AND not spill food down yourself. 

Also I enjoy eating, I enjoy eating and talking. However trying to impress someone at the same time just takes away the fun of eating out.. as well as the general worries of...

Have I got something stuck in my teeth?
Does my breath now smell like garlic?
And are we not talking because were busy eating?... Or do we just have nothing in common?

How does Nando's come into it?

After being with my boyfriend for over a year, we now accept each others eating habits and don't care if we go to a restaurant and someone has chicken in their teeth (me) or that someone eats a whole chicken by himself in 15minutes, with his hands (my boyfriend)

HOWEVER --> I came across the most awkward sight in Nandos, a couple on their first date.

It was horrible, the poor girl couldn't eat her chicken because she was worried about getting food stuck in her mouth

The guy was asking the most boring questions known to man and to keep the conversation flowing and kept commenting on the food "oh this chicken is nice"

Then they had the awkward silence of, they had finished their food and now had nothing to talk about.

I then turned to my carnivore of a boyfriend, who had a plate full of chicken bones.
"Darren you have chicken all of your face"
"Natali, you've got food in your teeth"
Then we both laughed.
Darren told me where the chicken was hiding in my teeth and i wiped his face.

I laughed and though to myself, I am so glad I am past that "first date stage"

Nandos and any restaurant in general in my opinion are to be enjoyed with family, friends and long term partners. If you want to go on a date? How about a coffee shop. Sip on a hot drink, look cool and collected... well it worked for me (:

Have you had any first date disasters?
I would love to hear x


  1. Yikes it does sound like an awful moment at the restaurant for those two.
    I think restaurants are ok for dates but not first dates- you have to put more of an effort for things to go well. Specially if they take forever to serve your food.
    I can't remember a worst date. But when people stop talking I am usually really good at getting out of that awkward moment.

    1. tell me about it!
      if your good at talking yourself out or an awkward situation, it isn't so bad x

      Natali xox


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