Sunday, 17 June 2012

...Will You Marry Me?

I honestly feel sorry for guys these days. 
The whole romantic scene of getting down on one knee and proposing, seems to me to have suddenly just gone out of the window?

Don't get me wrong....

I want the traditional ring, get down on one knee etc 

But after looking at youtube and looking at the AMAZING ways men have asked their girlfriends to marry them (getting family and friends involved, fireworks, helicopter etc)

I'm a bit like "I WANT THAT TOOO"

Also how cool would it be if you meet a couple you don't like (probably a work collegue) and she's all smug and annoying and thinks she amazing at everything( I watch too many movies...) & she tries to brag about her engagement...

"well George got down on one knee, 4 carot diamond of course darrhhhlliinnngg"
"oh really, he just got down on one knee?"
"well yes... George is a tradional man"
"Yes, so is my fiancee but when HE proposed he (INSERT AMAZING PROPOSAL)"
"oh well... that sounds charming *annoyed/jealous face*"
"*smug/gutted at you face*"


ALL I'M SAYING it would be pretty amazing.
&& I do like the idea of your man spending a lot of time planning how he's going to propose.

<3 ah getting married
The best part of being married is the getting married part....
I assume after that it's a bit more er boring ...


  1. This is so true! Do you sometimes look at your boyfriend and think "how will you do it? are you going to actually put some effort into the proposal?? ARE YOU?! I need something good to tell my girlfriends!" The pressure they must be feel, I'm very glad that I'm a lady! xo

  2. haha tell me about it!
    I've dropped hints already >.<

    But then it annoys him and he says "if you keep asking I'll never ask!"
    and i'm like... :( im sorrry! x


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