Monday, 11 June 2012

Friends Are Like Clothes...?

I don't know about you, but it seems to me the older you get, the more your friends fit into certain categories. 

You have those friends that...

you can go partying with && be mental with (but can't introduce to your parents)
you study with, knowing they're the top of the class and hoping you can steal some of their brain cells...
(but know they would be some what awkward in social situations)
your "couple mates" that you can always count on to go "double dating with"
(but always feel awkward when you bring your single friends along)

But to me, these "friend categories" remind a lot of different items of clothes.

If you can only wear certain items of clothes to different events, should the same  be said for friends?

 It got me thinking of, if my friends could be categorised into clothes, what item of clothes would they be?

So I came up with:

The Leggings --> Your Party Animal Friends

The Leggings

They make you feel fabulous when you wear them, suddenly these leggings pull you in, in all the right places && your bum looks amazing!

These are the friends that will try anything once and you end up going along with it. 
From wearing the highest heels to the biggest earrings. 

Great for taking on a night out && letting your hair down
Realising that your friendship status is based on how many drinks you buy them & have a sneaking suspicious that although wearing overall bright leggings is the "in thing"... is it really you?

Sooner or later you realise no matter how much you love your "legging mates", being a party animal 24/7 isn't really you.

And anyway, leggings never look as great on you, as you actually think they you do..

What do you think? Am I crazy or do you agree that people can be related to different items of clothes? 

Comment && let me know xx


  1. Replies
    1. thank you!
      was worried people would think it was a slightly odd post!


  2. really great post, keep it up :) xo

  3. Really great post. I actually love leggings but only when they are worn the right way.

    I saw a girl wearing them the other day like that girl in your second photo but to be too unkind she was about 5 times the size of her...They looked awful and she had massive pants on underneath. Terrible x

    1. thanks (:

      and I totally agree! It's worse if they're bright coloured leggings as well! x

      Natali xox

  4. haha, that's a fun and unique way to look at things. it does look like friends can be catagorized by clothing!

    thanks so much for stopping by!
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