Friday, 13 July 2012

Magic Mike, My Boyfriend && I...?

This is my reaction when I found out Magic Mike the movie had FINALLY been released in at the cinema....
So today I went to watch Magic Mike && the story line was pretty rubbish.... but of course we all probably know why I went to watch this movie....

**for all those who don't know what its about,
its about sexy strippers and errr well thats all i picked up from the movie..
It does have a story line but its reallllly bad, I of course went for the dancing
by Channing Tatum <3 **

So yeah, today went to watch Magic Mike && as I said the story line was pretty rubbish.... but of course we all probably know why I went to watch this movie....

Verdict: Story Line = Rubbish
Sexy Dancing Strippers? = 10/10

I managed to drag my bf to the cinema, emphasizing that
 "oh it has a great story line"
 when my sub conscious was shaking her head and tutting at me!
Knowing full well the only story line was abs, toned legs & arms.

However as you can imagine... my boyfriend was not impressed to be looking at half naked men gyrating on the "BIG SCREEN".

Below is my adaptation of 
what the trip the the cinema looked like....
Yes I suck at paint, but this pretty much sums it up! I of course was all googly eyes at the yummy men on screen and Darren of course ... was NOT impressed.

The funny thing is, I assumed him the cinema would be full of guys being dragged to see the movie by their girlfriends....but the cinema was male free... he was the only one there, so you can just imagine how annoyed he got at me!

**Awkward Cinema Moment**

Darren: "There are no guys here!"
Natali: "Oh stop being silly, you're here with me"

*Group upon group of girls walking into the cinema*

Darren: "SEE I told you!"
Natali: "Look there's a guy there! Your not alone silly!"

*Hench looking female gives me evils and finds her seat*

Darren:"...that's a girl"
Natali: "...oh"


I must say he was a good sport for actually seeing it with me.. I did have to bribe him with food though....

Have you ever dragged your boyfriend to a film you KNOW he's going to hate?
Mostly I drag Darren to chick flicks but isn't that their job?

**Take your bf to see magic mike, their facial expressions when they suddenly are bombarded by half naked gyrating men on screen is PRICELESS!**


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  2. LOL! I just giggled from this post...oh magic mike..
    Xo Megan

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  5. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

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  6. really good post :>
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  10. That's funny! hahah
    I want to watch Magic Mike too, but I'll with my girl friends

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  15. Hahaha,, thats funny! XD

  16. Haha great post!
    LOL that must have been SO awkward hehe
    I really want to watch Magic Mike for the guys as well
    Just have to wait for it to come out in Australia I guess

  17. Your poor boyfriend, haha. I haven't even wanted to see the movie, but I think I'd feel a bit guilty dragging my boyfriend (if I had one).

  18. Haha, funny story! :)

    Thanks for your comment - hope to see you soon!

    Xx, Saritschka.

  19. Your poor bf! Haha made me LOL so hard! Love your blog! I'm a new follower.

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  21. Haha, this sounds fun (at least, for you!) :D
    I've made my bf watch "crazy stupid love" with me (although he hates chickflicks), but the funny thing was, that he started liking Ryan Gosling and found that the movie was really good. Surprised me!
    thanks for your sweet comment btw! :)

  22. Thanks for your sweet comment-you have a super stylish blog!:)
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  23. Love this post!!! So funny :) I can imagine my boyfriend being exactly the same as he always gets embarrassed by situations like that! We need to train them well! Xxx

  24. the first picture is hilarious!!

  25. This is hilarious! I'm dying to watch that movie, now that's what I call a chick flick. Points to your boyfriend for actually staying there with you. Think my husband would have probably just walked out on me.

    xx Jenee C.

  26. I went to see Magic Mike, bf stayed at home but there were 4 blokes at the showing I went to and two didn't even come with girls!!! I totally agree about the storyline being rubbish but already looking forward to getting the dvd for the bonus material

  27. that was funny dear!

  28. I think the storyline was based off of Channing Tatum's real life somewhat.I'm not sure though. I had a worse experience than you, I took my younger cousin and we got a ride from someone. Well, when i was online looking up the times the cinema was showing the movie, i was actually looking at the wrong cinema - the one we went to wasn't showing the movie and our ride had no half naked men/Channing Tatum for us, but we managed to see Ted which was pretty funny :)Love your blog by the way, will definitely be following you :)

  29. Haha!! i really wanna see this film!!! i was trying to get my bf to go with me! that sorry about ur bf and the girls is soo funny!! hahaha!!

    Jen xxx

  30. Hah, your funny! Hope you had a good time :)

  31. Hahaha, yes I tried twice! First time I was successful, and then he was my BF, I forgot the movie though! Second time, he was the husband, and the movie was Sex and The City, and goes without saying, I was failed miserably!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  32. Huuum I love eat ^^
    No sport for me
    New post - Kisses from Paris ♥

  33. That's defs worth a LOL. I wouldn't even bother brining a dude to shit like that - I like to do my ogling in peace with the girls!

  34. I went last friday, found the story pretty shit haha but I like Matt Bomer so it was a nice movie afterall hehehe :) and tatum can dance for sure!!

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  36. haha! I love that you dragged your boyfriend to see it! I'm waiting until it comes out on dvd, so it better come out soon.

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  37. Nice blog ! Especially 1st picture - Magic Mike .

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  38. Haha your blog is amazing i have actually never seen anything so cool, i love how you insert your own paint pictures :)!! I really want to see magic mike sooooo bad but the only person i have to watch it with atm is either my bf (doubt he'l go though, he knows what its about) or my mum but that may be abit embarrassing. So i may have to go on my own :/ haha im such a loser.
    Amy x


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